No dreamer is too small.

No dream is too big.


The Blue Lagoon Foundation was established to create and support initiatives that help children achieve their maximum potential.



Our fund supports initiatives to transform the lives of children by helping them pursue their dreams. For the physically challenged we partner with progressive innovators to improve their quality of life. For the physically gifted we provide learning and development opportunities that could alter future generations.

Our programs include endowments and scholarships given at the high school and university level to promote opportunities for physically and academically gifted children to enjoy the benefits of continued education.  We also provide support to organizations that provide research funding to restore living conditions and cure illnesses that would rob children of their physical ability to live a life full of opportunity.


Our team of industry leaders and proven entrepreneurs know that an investment in a child is an investment in all of our futures. Their distinguished backgrounds and  dedication to the mission enable them to guide and advise the Foundation on programs that will best advance and improve the lives of the children we reach.


The Blue Lagoon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.


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